Dial 100 for swift action from police forces

Staff Reporter

VIJAYAWADA: Lodging a police complaint and knowing about the status of an existing complaint is just a phone call away.

A call to the police control room will enable the complainants to get timely feedback from the department.

Instead of running around to know the details of a case, complainants can get the details by sitting at home.

Thanks to the `Emergency Response System' (ERS) installed at the control room in January this year, every call made to phone number 100 is recorded. Besides recording the conversation, the telephone number and postal address of the caller will also be recorded at the control room.

The control room staff will alert the police station concerned and give the details of the caller. They will record case feedback and progress of investigation from the police station and convey the same to the complainant over telephone from time to time.

"We are receiving over 40 complaints everyday. Computerised case record will be monitored by our higher officials through online system.

We no longer get fake and hoax calls," a Sub-Inspector at the control room, Raja Rao, says.

Complaints recorded during night times will be forwarded to the `Rakshak' (mobile police party) and Blue Colts (motorcycle police team) teams.

They will reach the spot first and assist the victims. The case will be handed over to the police station concerned later.

Complaints such as traffic problems and fire accidents will be forwarded to the departments concerned.

Street brawls, movements of anti-social elements, gambling, theft and accidents are the usual complaints being recorded at the control room.

The ERS has helped the department to prevent thefts in many areas.

The police personnel have assisted orphans and aged persons also by acting swiftly on receipt of phone calls.

The online system comes in handy in monitor the cases and sending feedback to the complainants.

As many as 26 personnel are working at the control room round-the-clock busy receiving complaints and sending feedback.

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