`Dharma being distorted'

China Jeeyar Swami  

Staff Reporter

Respect towards spiritual institutions, slowly vanishing from society

Rajahmundry: Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana China Jeeyar Swami expressed his agony over distortion of Dharma in certain issues by few individuals and institutions. Sri Jeeyar Swami, who is here on a two-day visit to give discourses (training classes) to his `Vikasa Tarangini' members on different spiritual subjects, shared some of the issues that were taken place in recent past.

Swamiji, who restrained himself from speaking to media from almost one year, said that the distortion of history as well as Dharma has started in India long back.

The meeting was attended by Samudrala Ranga Ramanujacharyulu, S. Seetharamnjaneyulu, S. Lakshmi, M.V.V. Ramanujam, M.V. Padmavathi and Dr. Rajaram of Vikasa Tarangini.