Decentralisation is the only way out: Lok Satta founder


`Stir not right choice for achieving smaller States'

Naxal issue calls for deft handling by StateImproper maintenance of floodbanks leads to havocVillagers and panchayats must be involved in reconstruction efforts

Kakinada: Decentralisation of administration and power, ensuring peoples involvement at all levels in decision making is the only remedy for all the ills facing the country, said Lok Satta leader Jayaprakash Narayan at a press conference here on Friday.

" Either the regional imbalances or the violence by the enraged sections on account of discrimination would automatically go once the decentralisation takes place," he said.

On the separate Telangana issue, he said there was nothing wrong in having smaller States but it should be done according to the democratic and constitutional procedures but not by agitational approach. "Let the constitutional procedure be adopted. The Assembly has to pass a resolution and also Parliament," he clarified.

On the Maoist movement, Dr. Jayapraksh Narayan made it clear that taking up arms was not at all justified and the rulers should find out the root cause of such a situation and evolve suitable remedial measures to remove the heartburn among those sections.

However he cautioned that violence would be there as long as exploitation continued.

Young blood

Assuring the people that Lok Satta would strive for providing a new political order free from corruption, nepotism, he said, only young blood would be inducted in to the party ranks after thorough screening their credentials discouraging people from other parties.

Those with a clean record and could not adjust themselves in political parties would be welcomed.

But by and large, he claimed that the party would have all youth who can give a new direction and new definition to politics.

On his visit to flood-affected areas of Konaseema region, Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan said improper maintenance of the floodbanks was the main reason for breaching causing untold misery to people.

Political parties instead of indulging in politicking and blaming each other for the lapses, should concentrate on taking up long term measures to prevent recurrence of such calamities.

He wanted villagers besides panchayats and mandals be entrusted the responsibility of ensuring quality in execution of floodbank works so that huge money being spent on reconstruction of floodbanks would not go waste. Aluri Vijayalakshmi, district unit president of Lok Satta, attended.

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