Curb spread of chikun gunya: JVV

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According to officials 45 out of 63 mandals affected in Anantapur district

With fresh cases being reported, the fever has spread to 97 villages: JVV Unofficial estimates put the number of affected villages at about 300

ANANTAPUR: Jana Vignana Vedika (JVV) has urged the State Government to take measures on a war footing in Anantapur district to control the spread of the viral fever chikun gunya.

M. Geyanand, State convener of the health wing of JVV, on Thursday said that according to the district administration cases of viral fever were evident in 45 out of 63 mandals in the district. With fresh cases being reported, the viral fever had now spread to 97 villages in the district, he said. Unofficial estimates, however, put the number affected villages at about 300, he added. To prevent further spread of the disease the administration was required to take up anti-mosquito measures on a large scale, he said. Though the viral fever contracted with chikun gunya virus was not life-threatening lack of nutrition among people posed danger of they contracting other infections, Dr. Geyanand said. Medicines required for controlling fever, body and joints pains were available in the public health centres and Government hospitals.

He appealed to the people not to believe the misgivings that the medicines given in PHCs and Government hospitals were of inferior quality.

Civic chief affected

KADAPA: Rayachoti Municipal Chairman Veerabhadraiah is down with chikun gunya. The Congress leader is said to be suffering from high fever and joint pain since the two days.