Councillors keep their `divine' vows in Guntur

Some believe it is to keep new councillors united

Staff Reporter

GUNTUR: The victorious Congress councillors in the recent municipal elections are busy visiting places of pilgrimage to fulfil their pre-poll vows. However, another section of party men believes that this is a ploy to keep all the newly elected united till the election of chairperson.

Congress and the Communist Party of India (Marxist) councillors of Vinukonda, where the chairman and the vice-chairman were already declared, conducted special puja at Vinukonda and started their pilgrimage to Srisailam.

From there, the group went to Nagarjuna Sagar and Hyderabad, where, the Vinukonda MLA, Makkena Mallikarjuna Rao, was expected to give some instructions to all the candidates. The chairman candidate, Guntakallu Prasad Rao, and the vice-chairman candidate, Sandrapati Saida, were also in the team. The team was expected to reach Vinukonda on Friday morning, just in time to attend the council meeting to elect the chairperson and the vice-chairperson.

In Bapatla

In Bapatla too, a group of 15 Congress councillors left on a tour of Srisailam and Mahanandi on Tuesday evening to fulfil their pre-poll vows.

They are expected to be back late in the night on Thursday. Congressmen perceive this trip as an attempt to keep the councillors united at least till the time the chairperson and his deputy are elected. The names doing the rounds for chairperson's post are of K. Mariadass from the 8th ward and of Pujari Rathnavali from the first ward. For the vice-chairman's post, there are three names doing the rounds -- Jitta Kanya Kumari from the 20th ward, Parisa Ramakoteshwara Rao from the 11th ward and Naralasetty Prakasa Rao from the 31st ward.

With leaders refusing to divulge the names of candidates, one has to wait till Friday afternoon.

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