Corporation for taking over Godavari water scheme

VISAKHAPATNAM, DEC. 6. The Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation at its general council meeting on Monday with the Mayor, Rajana Ramanai, in the Chair resolved to ask the Government to hand over the maintenance of the Godavari water scheme to it.

It also resolved to contribute Rs. 10 crores to the proposed Visakha Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS), a super speciality hospital, as and when the `site is finalised.' There were noisy protests initially with TDP members rushing to the podium objecting to the contribution.

The Mayor said the Government rethought about the Godavari water issue and hence it should be urged to hand over the scheme to the Corporation. She herself, the MLAs, MP and the Minister from the district would meet the Chief Minister in this regard, she said.

Cost of water project

Earlier, the Pendurthy MLA, T. Gurumurthy Reddy, gave details of the amount that had to be spent on getting the Godavari water from Visakhapatnam Industrial Water Supply Company (VIWSCO). At the rate of Rs. 1.16 crores per million gallons per day the Corporation had to shell out about Rs. 50 crores to get the required 40 mgd water. The MLA felt that the Corporation would be in no position to provide water to the poor and would also be left with no resources for other activities if it were to pay for the Godavari water. He said the Government had also set up a ministerial committee to go into the issue and urged the members to pass a unanimous resolution.

The Standing Committee Chairman, P.G.K. Varma, also supported the move. The Mayor told the BJP member, Appa Rao Reddy, that the main project was over and internal work was in progress.

Money for VIMS

Earlier, Mrs. Rajana Ramani brushed aside the TDP members' objections and vociferous protests on whether any proposal was received for contributing Rs. 10 crores to VIMS stating that the Chief Minister's word was enough.

She recalled that land was alloted for rythu bazaars and e-Seva centres during the TDP rule.

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