Congress to pick DCCB chief over toss

Staff Reporter

KURNOOL: The high-level meeting of the Congress, mainly the leaders from Kurnool district who met at Hyderabad on Sunday night to pick the chairman of the District Cooperative Central Bank (DCCB), heaved a sigh of relief after achieving unanimity over toss.

As MLAs were divided between P.P. Nagireddy from Nandyal and Katha Anki Reddy from Midtur, the leadership decided to allow the two leaders to share the post for half tenure each.

Even after that their mentors pressed for first posting to their followers. Finally, the toss method resolved the issue amicably. P.P. Nagi Reddy who won the toss would be the chief for the first two years and Mr. Anki Reddy would lead the bank in the second half.

Accordingly, the leaders filed the nominations for the post of directors here on Monday. In Group A category of directors, 19 applications were filed for 16 posts. In Group B, nine applications were made for five posts.

The directors will elect the next chief as per the outcome of the toss.

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