Cong. has secret pact with MIM: BJP

HYDERABAD, Jan. 20. The BJP on Sunday said that the Congress and the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) had forged a secret understanding with the MIM to defeat the TDP-BJP alliance in the MCH elections.

The aim of the Congress and the TRS was to divide the anti-Majlis vote and help the MIM.

The TRS had, in fact, had announced well before the elections that it would have a poll pact with the Majlis but later become silent.

Talking to reporters, BJP spokesman G. Kishan Reddy said such strategies of dividing people along communal, caste and regional lines would not work. Moreover, the Majlis support was eroding with several leaders and activists joining either the TDP or the BJP while the Congress was finding it difficult even to appoint polling agents in several divisions of the old city.

He maintained that the election outcome would be decided on the plank of development and peace espoused by the TDP-BJP combine and anarchy and communal disharmony represented by the MIM and the Congress.

He said the Majlis leaders' talk of developing the city was like the devil quoting the scriptures.

The spokesman saw no need to respond to the Congress' offer to withdraw from the fray if Government gave a commitment not to increase electricity and water charges.

Firstly, these were not issues to be raised in a municipal election and, secondly, people would anyway reject Congress nominees even if they remained in the fray.

Referring to elections to other municipal bodies, he said the BJP was going it alone in Hindupur and supporting the TDP's mayoral nominees in Tirupati and Rajahmundry.

In Gaddiannaram, where the party is facing problems from a rebel, the TDP was backing the BJP's nominee for municipal chairman, he added.

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