Complaints galore

HYDERABAD Oct. 22. Bad roads, drain overflow, inadequate streetlighting and the stray dog menace were highlighted at the weekly `Face to Face' programme of the city administration here on Wednesday. The Mayor, T. Krishna Reddy, received about 15 calls in the programme telecast live on local television networks.

David from Gun Foundry, a regular jogger on the Necklace road, complained that the streetlights were being switched off and on arbitrarily without taking into consideration the prevailing conditions. "When it is dark there are no streetlights and when there is light the streetlights are on. It has become unsafe for old people coming there in the mornings and stray dogs scare everybody," he said.

The Hyderabad Urban Development Authority (Huda) official, Venugopal, said he would look into the issue and ensure that there was proper switch on and off depending on the light. The MCH Commissioner, Chitra Ramachandran, said a dog squad would be sent to clear the stray dogs. Kailash Agarwal from Himayatnagar brought to the notice of the officials that streetlights were always on in the Public Gardens. Ahmedullah from Jahanuma complained of inadequate streetlighting in his area.

Navin Kumar Goud from Lal Darwaza complained of sewerage overflow and contamination of drinking water. The Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board Technical Director, C.S. Reddy, said he would send an inspection team on the supply day to verify. If the water was contaminated potable water would be supplied till the line was repaired.

Mohammedguda corporator Swaroopa reported overflowing drain water near Yellareddynagar and sought strengthening of bunds. Gopinath from B.K.Guda also had the problem of sewerage overflow and foul smell. Aziz Ahmed of King Koti complained of road laying work left incomplete and a neighbour dumping construction debris on his roof. Mohd.Hidayatullah was sore that the MCH had not laid any road in his colony near Toli Chowki despite assurances.

Mrs. Ramachandran said she would look into the issue and inform the status during the next programme. Sura Reddy from Badvel in Rajenderanagar mandal wanted bus facility to his area as the residents had to walk 2 km to reach the main road. .

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