Cloud computing helpful in education sector

Cloud computing helpful in education sector

My Classboard provides cost-effective services by using SaaS model, mainly for educational institutions

Cloud computing, a niche area, very few people knew about, especially in education arena till recently, has come of age.

What does the term mean, literally? Having all of a company’s data online, on the cloud, means enjoying the advantage of not having to invest on software and hardware, but enhancing the overall efficiency. Simply put, an educational institution can use the cloud to help collate all data on students’ performance and hence, help the teacher evaluate trends in a classroom and work accordingly.

Using the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, My Classboard, a company that came into existence in 2009, is providing cost-effective services to its customers, primarily educational institutions with a flagship product by the same name. My Classboard’s founder & CEO, Ajay Sakhamuri says using the solution led to a direct saving of about 30 per cent of the teachers’ time, apart from improving efficiency.

Customer relationship

Customer relationship management is simplified with the use of this application and the institution’s interactions with potential students and their parents can be recorded and managed from the moment they walk in for the first time till sale and submission of application forms. The software helps follow up action with the applicants through short message (SMS) alerts and emails until they become students. It analyses data to understand trends on number of enquiries led to actual enrolment.

Once the children become students of the educational institution, the data can be used to understand individual performance, considering attendance and academic parameters, to build a record that will help both the teacher and parent monitor everyday academic activity like assignments, homework, online tests and even track school/college bus status with the application.

As for the price point, a comprehensive solution would entail a cost ranging from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 15,000 depending upon the service chosen by the client, apart from an initial implementation charge, he said. “We have a free product that clients can use to communicate with parents in the form of SMS alerts on a variety of everyday issues,” he said.

Starting in 2009 with just six employees, the company now has a headcount of about 40-plus and has been achieving a consistent year-on-year growth of over 100 per cent. It has about 600 client schools/colleges across all metros in India.

“The flagship product is very strong and an easily-scaleable model that has helped us achieve successful track record in the past three years. But since we are a Hyderabad-based company, our clientele at present is confined to the State,” says Mr. Ajay.

The software helps follow-up action with the applicants through alerts and emails until they become students

Ajay Sakhamuri

My Classboard’s founder & CEO

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