CJI admits SC registry made mistake, shifts case

P. Sathasivam

P. Sathasivam  

Chief Justice of India P. Sathasivam on Monday admitted that there had been a mistake with the Supreme Court registry after senior advocate Dushyant Dave alleged “forum hunting” in the manner in which the court allotted a case to a certain Bench.

Mr. Dave claimed it was the “most shocking” development in the history of the apex court that a particular court was being preferred by the Mumbai builders to adjudicate their cases.

“It sends out an extremely wrong signal from the Supreme Court,” Mr. Dave submitted, urging the CJI to withdraw the case from the Court No.10 where the matter in question is listed for hearing. “A strong message needs to be sent that forum shopping won’t be allowed in this court,” he said. The CJI then assured Mr. Dave that he would look into the case and pass an appropriate order after talking to the registrar general.

Later, speaking to reporters after a public function, Justice Sathasivam said that the “mistake has been rectified” and case has been listed before an appropriate Bench. “I verified those case papers. We have some system, our computer allots those cases. For example, if it pertains to criminal matters means it will go to particular judges.

“By mistake, [the case] has gone to that court. That was brought to [the court’s] notice by senior advocate Dushyant Dave. Then I [went] through it [and] summoned the registrar officer concerned. Now, it has been listed in the appropriate court,” he said. — PTI

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