Children's book expo begins

Gruhakalpa Complex on MJ road plays host to the expo

Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: There is nothing to beat the spell the printed word casts on one, in spite of the distracting allure of the satellite television channels. And when one steps into a book exhibition, it is tough not to be lost in the world of books.

And a book exhibition meant for the impressionable minds giving an eclectic mix of all subjects and themes, importantly about one's own nation, its history, culture and people inculcates greater understanding and respect for the Motherland. This feature is what distinguishes the Children's book exhibition of Publications Division from the rest. "Catch up with the world but know your country first"-- this is the underlying message of the exhibition that opened at the premises of Publications Division at Gruhakalpa Complex, MJ road, on Monday.

Array of books

The Publication Division of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, publishes books on various subjects like art, history, culture, Gandhian literature, flora and fauna, children's literature etc., apart from publications that would help the student community and those preparing for various competitive examinations, says the Business Manager, S. Nageswara Rao.

Those looking for exhaustive information regarding national leaders, builders of modern India, cultural icons, biographies of distinguished personalities from various fields, etc., can head for the emporium of Publications Division. Its other popular publications are `India Reference Annual - 2005', a yearbook giving authentic information about the nation, its State and development in all fields.

The exhibition also has on display books published by the National Book Trust, the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, the Indian Council for Agricultural Research, in English, Hindi, Telugu and Urdu.

While a discount of 10 per cent is offered on all books, a special 50 per cent discount is given on some selected books like Speeches of late Prime Ministers like Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, P.V. Narasimha Rao, etc.

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