Children should be taught in local dialects: Ramaiah

KHAMMAM, OCT. 11. Children in primary schools would learn well if they were taught in their mother-tongues or in the dialect their parents speak in, Chukka Ramaiah, the educationist, said here on Monday.

Addressing a State seminar on `Inti-Bhasha' (the language of home), he said the children were unable to cope with the language of the schools, as it did not match the language system they shared with those around them.

`Inti-Bhasha,' a book authored by Mr. Ramaiah, was released by the Minister for School Education, N. Rajyalakshmi, on the occasion. A CD on `Ramaiah Pathalu' was released by the Minister for Higher Education, Pinnamaneni Venkateswar Rao.

Mr. Ramaiah said school curriculum should be prepared keeping in view that Telugu had multiple dialects. Tribal students from an Adilabad village would better understand when taught about Bhim instead of Abraham Lincoln.

During a visit to a Karimnagar district school, he had found students asking their teacher what an `araka' (plough), a word they had read in the Telugu textbook, was. They could have understood the meaning easily if it was written in the book as `nagali' - a word in the local dialect, he said. "Though I am not a language pandit, I know what children can understand. There is nothing wrong in reaching out to children in a language they understand."

He said the curriculum for primary education should be prepared at the district level. Textbooks must also be published at the district level, he said. Curriculum meant for children should contain the flavour of the place. Education imparted to a primary school child in Khammam would be incomplete without teaching him or her about Jamalapuram Kesava Rao, he said.

On English teaching

Mr. Ramaiah made it clear that he was not against teaching in English. The teaching of English should be strengthened, he said. English was being taught for eight years in schools, but majority of children could not write a sentence without mistakes, he said.

The CPI(M) leader and Khammam MLA, Thammineni Veerabhadram, presided. Other MLAs from the district, Katta Venkata Narsaiah, Jalagam Venkata Rao, Vanama Venkateswar Rao, Sunnam Rajaiah, and Ramreddy Venkata Reddy, took part.

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