Chief Minister interacts with youth

VISAKHAPATNAM. FEB 26. The Chief Minister, N. Chandrababu Naidu, signalled his intentions to give priority to youth when he addressed them on Thursday through the State-wide video conferencing programme, as part of the Government's Youth Empowerment Policy-2004.

Mr. Naidu chose to speak to the youth of this city first in the presence of the district Collector, Sunil Sharma, and other department heads.

Three people were picked at random from a large gathering that assembled at the Indira Priyadarshini Municipal Stadium, but before he could come to the third person a link failure from the OB van terminated the interaction and by the time it was restored Mr. Naidu was busy talking to another group from another district.

Interacting with the Chief Minister, Shaik Ismail, a national youth award winner, suggested the networking of DWCRA and CMEY groups to professional marketing companies, so that their products could get a wider mileage and a better price.

Another youth narrated how he was benefited by the military training that was imparted to him by the youth development wing of SETVIS, thanks to which he got recruited in the Army.

Appreciating Ismail's suggestion, the Mr. Naidu held out the promise that he would deal with it and urged the youth to take to military training and join the Army so that they could serve the country. He also assured the youth to set up more vocational and skill-based courses as part of the empowerment programme.