CBI questions Paritala's widow

Staff Reporter

ANANTAPUR: Sleuths of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) questioned the widow of Paritala Ravindra, Sunita, at her residence at Venkatapuram of Ramagiri mandal on Saturday.

Sources close to the family said the CBI officials had interacted with Ms. Sunita for about an hour.

During the exercise, the sleuths reportedly asked her whether she had any material evidence on suspects in the case.

She is said to have told the CBI that Ravindra had, in fact, prepared a file on threat perception to him and about the movements of his opponents.

But, the file was taken away by the district police during a raid on their Aravinda Nagar residence in Anantapur when Ravindra was alive.

When asked for the file after the murder of Ravindra the police had refused to return it saying they had not taken away any file, she told the CBI.

Newspaper clippings

On being asked whether she suspected anybody, Ms. Sunita is said to have handed over copies of newspaper clippings of press meets conducted by Ravindra, in which he had repeatedly alleged that his opponents, including Suri and Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy, were planning to liquidate him.

Meanwhile, the identification parade of suspects could not be held at the district jail at Reddypalli near here as witnesses failed to turn up.

The CBI sleuths also questioned D. Kondanna and L. Narayana Chowdary, the uncles of Ravindra, for information on the murder.

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