Call for effective traffic management

KURNOOL June 26. A traffic consultant, Pichireddy, has said that traffic management is going to emerge as the major activity of police in future.

Mr. Reddy, who was invited by the Police Department, to study traffic junctions and roads in the city, addressed a joint meeting of officials involved in traffic management and road building on Thursday. He said, last year 9,470 people died in road accidents in the State, while the number of other deaths involving police investigation did not cross 2,000. Yet, the department did not consider traffic management a major activity, except in metropolitan cities.

Mr. Reddy said the economic and human loss would increase many times if steps were not taken immediately to check road accidents. He said deaths due to road accidents were unheard of 50 years ago, but now it turned out to be the major concern.

Mr. Reddy said wastage of fuel due to bad roads, traffic congestion and halts at traffic signals was estimated at Rs. 5,000 crores. The loss could be reduced if proper traffic management was planned. Mr. Reddy said, on some roads in Hyderabad pedestrians reached the destination early than those using vehicles. Over 15 lakh vehicles moved on Hyderabad roads, while one lakh were added every year.

He said traffic islands should be planned keeping in mind the density of traffic at main junctions. He said it was not correct that more circulating area at the junctions cleared the traffic. According to him, only the space required for use by vehicles should be created to reduce accidents.

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