BSNL makes Internet access easy

VISAKHAPATNAM, AUG. 14. Bharatiya Sanchar Nigam Limited will launch accountless Internet access from Sunday.

Speaking to reporters on the eve of the launch here, the General Manager of Vizag Telecom District, J. Ganta, said that there was no need to purchase Internet accounts, and instant connection would be established.

``The browsing charges are as low as 10 paise per minute. The highlights of the scheme are that there is no need for extra hardware, no initial deposits, no hidden costs and no volume-based billing,'' he added.

The procedure

Explaining the proceedure for Internet connectivity, he said: "You have to dial 172222 using any dial-up network with username:netone and password:netone. Once the connection is established, one could open any Internet browser and visit Next click on new registration under registration procedure and enter the telephone number from which you have dialled under username, give password, e-mail ID, etc., and click on `I agree', and wait for the `registration successful' messsage.''

Once the registration is successful, the customer should disconnect the dial-up connection and redial with username and password as given in the registration (username starts with 891 in Visakhapatnam).

The Internet charges would be included in the regular telephone bill with the details of the total Internet usage time for the billing period.

For existing customers, the facility would be available only from September 1 for convenience of billing. However, for new subscribers, it could be used from Sunday itself, Mr. Ganta said. The browsing charges would be in addition to the call charges.

New packages

He also announced five new landline packages for the existing customers, applicable only in the city. These are Plan 260 with monthly rentals of Rs.260 with 160 free calls and tariff of Rs.1.20 for each unit after free calls; Plan 500 (475 free calls and Rs.1.10 for each extra call); Plan 1000 (1,050 free calls, Re.1 per call); Plan 1500 (1,800 free calls and 90 paise per call); and Plan 2250 (2,900 free calls and 90 paise per call).

On cellular services, he said that two new towers at Steel Plant and Pendurthy in the next couple of days, and two more at Balayya Sastry Layout and Bhimili would be commissioned by this month-end.

Regarding the urban WLL connections, Mr. Ganta said that there were cerain technical problems which had to be sorted out.

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