Biometric fingerprinting gadgets at CM's residence

Hyderabad: Biometric fingerprinting gadgets were introduced at the Chief Minister, N. Chandrababu Naidu's residence at Jubilee Hills here, starting with the Cabinet meeting on Monday.

Ministers attending the meeting and the officials serving as aides gained entry into the room only after subjecting their fingers to the two gadgets kept on a table which are slightly smaller than Election Commission's electronic voting machines. And they did not grudge but readily completed the formality. After all, the Tirupati blast changed the entire security scenario.

According to an official dealing with the subject, the devices have been kept at the Chief Minister's residence on a trial basis and they will be introduced in the Secretariat and at all welfare hostels and Government offices in phases. The device is presently used as a must by Defence establishments, some corporate offices and private parties such as jewellery shops which run high security risk.

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