`Badi Baata' drive from June 6

Staff Reporter

VIJAYAWADA: As part of `Badi Baata' programme, the district administration will run a special enrolment drive from June 6 to 11 to cover school dropouts and students who have never been enrolled, in the age-group of five to 14 years.

The district Collector, Naveen Mittal, has given a call to all sections of people in the district to make all out efforts for achieving total literacy in Krishna district.

The Sarva Siksha Abhiyan will organise `Krishna Badi Baata', in which all people's representatives, Government officials, teachers, voluntary organisations and people will participate. It involves consulting and convincing parents to send school dropouts back to school.

The Collector, who is also Chairman of Sarva Siksha Abhiyan, said in a statement here on Saturday that door-to-door campaigns, `padayatras' and formation of core committees with Mandal Praja Parishad presidents and education officials would form part of the programme.

Mr. Mittal said that towards the end of enrolment campaign, a festive atmosphere would be created at all schools to invite newly enrolled students on the opening day on June 13.

Six-day schedule

On the first day of the drive on June 6, meetings would be held with parents of already identified school dropouts while the gram sarpanch and youth groups would organise `padayatras'. On June 7, teachers, school committee members would take part in a door-to-door campaign. On June 8, teachers would conduct meetings and explain to parents the need to send their wards to school. On June 9, rallies would be conducted in all villages. On June 10, headmasters, teachers, teacher centre secretaries, mandal education officers and core committee members would adopt children above 5 years for ensuring their attending school. On June 11, schools would be decorated to attract children.

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