Attention CM

A farmer’s appeal

We are poor farmers of Asifabad mandal in Adilabad district who had availed a crop loan during the financial year 2013-14. By March 31,2014, we had remitted the entire amount in the bank, with interest, so that we could apply for another loan in the current season. But during the election campaign, the TRS promised a crop loan waiver of up to Rs.1 lakh taken by farmers for the aforesaid period. Upon enquiry in the bank, we were told that crop loan due would be waived. However, the fate of farmers like me who sincerely paid off the loan is unclear. It is injustice that poor farmers like me forgoes this benefit extended by the newly-formed Telangana government. I humbly request the Chief Minister to kindly arrange for a reimbursement of the crop loan amount already remitted to the bank.

Mukund Rao Masade


Plant more trees

In Kerala, trees are carefully moved along with their roots if they have to be shifted due to human activity. If they cannot adopt this policy in Hyderabad, then for every one tree uprooted, officials must ensure at least two others are planted. Every family must also adopt a tree in their locality. The new government headed by the Chief Minister should initiate such a programme, which should be maintained by the public.



Eliminate power cuts

I am a resident of Saleem Nagar, Malakpet. I would like to bring to the notice of the officials concerned irregular power cuts in the area. Residents had some respite from power cuts this summer, thanks to the general elections. However, as soon as the election results went by, the power cuts resumed. Although this is a regular affair every summer, irrespective of which party is in power, this year power cut timings are erratic. I sincerely request officials to maintain scheduled timings, but I ultimately I would wish to see no power cuts.

V. Ravi Chandran


Potable water

The Secunderabad Cantonment Board (SCB) area is a peculiar area within the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. It is plagued with multiple problems that force the residents to lead a life of second-class citizens. The immediate trigger for a statement of this sort is the acute drinking-water problem that afflicts the area. For the past few months, the residents here have been receiving water only once a week, while many parts in the city receive water on a daily basis.

When there is a water shortage, how is it that one area gets plenty and another goes thirsty? It seems to us that the inefficient SCB administration cannot handle the issue of potable providing drinking water to its residents. It is my earnest request to the Chief Minister to personally look into the matter.

Geedipally Vanaja Reddy