Around the City

Lepakshi open on Sundays

Lepakshi Emporium of the Andhra Pradesh Handicrafts Development Corporation near Jagadamba Junction will be kept open on Sundays also for the convenience of the public. According to showroom manager K. Srihari, this is as per instructions of corporation's Managing Director B. Jayaraj asking employees to work in shifts. Special varieties of articles have been procured for sale during the festival season, and a 10 per cent discount is offered on Sunday sales.

Magnetic signatures

A seminar on `Management of magnetic signatures of ships and submaries--need and emerging trends' was held at the Naval Dockyard on Thursday. Speakers highlighted the need for reducing magnetism of ships and submarines to protect them from threats of underwater mines and torpedoes. The seminar was inaugurated by NSTL Director K. Satyanarayana. Vice Admiral A.K. Kalra delivered the keynote address and Rear Admirals Deshpande and Sanjeev Bhasin took part.

Bhajan programme

Sri Omanandji Maharaj of Hissar arrived on Saturday afternoon on a four-day visit to the city. According to the founder of Prem Sagar Chandmal Agarwal, the seer will participate in a bhajan programme from 8 a.m. on Saturday at Sri Visakha Shyam Mandir near Kurupam Market.

Free yoga camp

Visakha Yoga Bharati Society will conduct a ten-day free yoga training and nature therapy camp from Monday. Participants would be treated free of cost, besides receiving training in asanas, pranayama, kriyas and meditation, according to its spokesman Neelam Babu Rao.

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