Appoint Dalits to key posts: ex-BJP chief

HYDERABAD Oct. 28. Bangaru Laxman, former president of the BJP, has urged the NDA Government to set up a sub-committee to examine the recommendations made by the Commission on Constitution Review on reservations and ensure prominence to eligible Dalits and STs in crucial appointments.

Addressing the reconstituted State executive of the party's Dalit Morcha here on Tuesday, he said the Commission had recommended, among others, that the private sector should fulfil its responsibility with regard to reservations and ensure social justice. Dalits and STs should be given prominence in all sectors, including important appointments such as High Court judges, ambassadors, Governors and Vice-Chancellors.

He said a committee of Governors headed by PC Alexander had also recommended that surplus land and evacuee properties should be distributed among landless Dalits and STs and urged the Andhra Pradesh Government to publish a white paper on the extent of surplus land identified and distributed among the landless poor.

He said the NDA rule had debunked the Opposition campaign that the BJP-led combine would abolish the rule of reservation.

On the contrary, the BJP had won the maximum number of reserved seats in the Lok Sabha and the Government had amended the Constitution to continue reservations in services, implement them in promotions, in filling up backlog posts, apart from extending them by another 10 years in Assembly and Parliament seats.

Earlier, the State BJP president, N Indrasena Reddy, said that he would strive to field more Dalits in the coming Assembly elections. The BJP would hold conventions in each of the 294 Assembly constituencies to gear the party machinery.

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