`Anti-malaria action plan yielding good results'

VISAKHAPATNAM, JULY 24. A new action plan being implemented in the agency area to control malaria is yielding results, according to the Project Officer of the Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA), Paderu, S.A.M. Rizvi, here on Saturday.

As many as 5,24,326 persons have been covered under the plan, which commenced on July 19 and of the 11,000 fever cases discovered only 188 tested positive for malaria.

According to the plan (being implemented school complex-wise) temporary Primary Health Centres are established at school complexes. With this the number of PHCs has gone up from 17 to 57. Each PHC is staffed by a doctor, a lab technician and 10 para-medical staff, and was given vehicles, along with fuel and adequate drugs. Each PHC will be able to cover every village under its area once every three days. The PHCs cover 30,860 out-patients.

The Collector, Pravin Prakash, said a proposal was sent to the Government to provide rice to malaria patients.

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