And now, Sky Train to end traffic snarl!

HYDERABAD Oct. 5. First it was Circular Railway, then came LRTS, MRTS and MMTS -- the nomenclature kept changing. And now comes Sky Train to tackle the traffic tangle bedevilling the city.

The latest gizmo is the brainchild of Mayor, T. Krishna Reddy. Fresh from his visit to China, Hong Kong and Thailand, Mr. Krishna Reddy is quite fascinated by the Sky Train of Bangkok. "If it is feasible we can try this out in Hyderabad'', he told presspersons here on Saturday.

The 20-km stretch between Dilsukhnagar and Sanathnagar, which always presents a chaotic traffic scenario, could do with a sky train. "It is only a suggestion. I will discuss the idea with the Chief Minister. It is for him to take a decision,'' Mr. Krishna Reddy said.

The sky train, which is supported by 10-metre high cement pylons, carries about 40,000 passengers per hour. Bangkok also has Express Ways, flyovers and is now developing MRTS to take care of its transport problems.

The Mayor along with MCH secretary, Balarkishna and OSD, Syed Omer Jaleel, attended a workshop on "Leadership in urban and rural development management'' from September 21 to October 2. The international workshop was organised by the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies, Netherlands.

Mr. Krishna Reddy said he was very much impressed by the solid waste management, sanitation and housing scheme.

The solid waste was segregated at source at the Green Community Project and sent to landfill sites for scientific disposal. At the landfill site 10-metre trenches were dug up which were filled layer by layer with waste and earth. The segregation at source reduced the transport cost by half, the Mayor said.

He said he visited Schenzen City and Longhna Township and held discussions with Chinese officials on industrial development and poverty alleviation. In China the municipalities and corporations were graded on performance basis on 28 items.

Referring to Beijing, Mr. Krishna Reddy said it was a well-developed city with eight-lane roads. There was a totally pedestrianised road called "Golden Road'' and it had a shopping mall and other entertainment facilities. He had also discussed programmes like Janmabhoomi, women's empowerment, voluntary cooperative societies, the Mayor said.

He said the models and systems adopted in these countries were relevant in so far as they represent the Asian response to particular problems.

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