All engineering colleges in State to be networked

VIJAYAWADA JAN. 28. All engineering colleges in the State would go hi-tech to solve the problem of dearth of qualified teachers. The Government is going to network all engineering colleges and provide them with maximum bandwidth so that their students can be taught by experts through videoconferencing facility.

The Secretary, Board of Technical Education, Krishnarao, said that Reliance had agreed to provide KU band to all engineering colleges, which would help an expert give lectures to engineering students all over the State simultaneously. As it would be interactive, students can also get their doubts clarified.

The Government has also identified 240 international journals for its digital library so that all students can have access to them. This would cost about Rs. 1 crore per year. Mr. Krishnarao was here today to participate in the discussion on performance budget.

The District Collector, B.R. Meena, presided. Mr. Rao admitted that the engineering colleges are facing a serious problem due to lack of qualified teachers.

To surmount the problem, the Society for Networking in Excellence in Technology (SONET) has been formed to facilitate lectures by experts in different subjects to all the students.

He said that online counselling introduced for admission to 217 engineering colleges, 265 MCA colleges, 161 MBA colleges and 28 pharmacy colleges at five centres in the State avoided the need for students to come to Hyderabad. Counselling is now available to them within a distance of 200 km.

Online counselling also helped complete the process of admissions in 60 days, as against 90 days before. It helped advance academic year by 15 to 20 days. He said admission to engineering colleges would be completed by August 10 this year.

A lecturer from the SRR and CVR Government College said that out of 176 Government colleges in the State, 96 were provided with facilities to receive educational programmes on KU band.

He said that experts should be invited to give lectures and disseminate latest research and terminology so that the students can be imparted knowledge on international standards.

He wanted the Government to allot more funds for infrastructure. He stressed the need for facilities to download the information and take printouts so that students can study the material later.

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