Absolutely avoidable fare

Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena

Cast: Fardeen Khan, Koena Mitra, Feroz Khan

Director: Suparn Verma

The swagger is there. The style is intact too. The only thing missing is charisma. And Feroz Khan in this kind of form, with barely a soul to appreciate his style of acting, presents a pathetic figure.

He is like an artiste playing to an empty hall. More appropriately, his language is not understood by the generation reared on some of the best special effects.

And the novelty has worn off. Sorry to say it, but even Feroz Khan with all his trademark mannerisms is not able to make `Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena' worth a watch.

Lacks punch

Director Suparn Verma's film is supposed to be a conman thriller, the kind we have got accustomed to in recent months, courtesy `Kaante', etc. But it lacks in punch, the film is not racy enough and does not have the drama to keep the adrenalin running.

It lacks in star appeal too - Fardeen Khan with four years of acting behind him can still look forward to useful days in an acting school. And whoever told Koena Mitra, or even Verma, that she is heroine material? Cover her skin, take away her pouts, and she is as lively as a fossil.

So so songs!

The duo, playing con games throughout with the stakes going up all the time, reduces this film, which has some scope in storytelling, to an absolutely avoidable fare.

The songs come and go, the sequences appeal fleetingly. But nothing adds up to raise the film to an enjoyable level.

In this week of innocent joys, unblemished beauty, you would be guilty of dereliction of duty as a cinemagoer if you were to opt for this stylish but shallow film.

Ziya Us Salam