A slip between the cup and the lip!

HYDERABAD, MARCH 24. Hundreds of petitions pour into the Chief Minister's Office every day seeking solution to their problems. These vary from a request for reward for the services rendered to the party to group representations.

However, two such letters that landed in the CMO the other day were from the candidates who were in race for the party ticket to contest the last general elections.

Twin blows

T. Raja Babu, who bagged the ticket to contest the Assembly election from Palakonda SC constituency in Srikakulam and Sakkku Bai, former MLA of Mummidivaram in East Godavari, who failed to secure the ticket, are now a worried lot.

Mr. Raja Babu lost the election due to rebel activity in the elections. Much before that he had to resign to his job as a special assistant in State Bank of India.

Ms. Sakku Bai could not get the ticket despite her strong CV. So far she has not been considered for any reward for her `sacrifice' as the Congress leaders say.

Mr. Raja Babu now appealed to the Chief Minister to compensate him with `an opportunity' as he suffered twin blows of losing the job and elections and the latter more tragic as it was due to rebel activity.

Thus he was deprived of any means of livelihood, he said appealing to the Chief Minister to consider his case.

As for Ms. Sakku Bai, all that she needs is a nominated post because she was denied the ticket itself. "Any suitable post will do" she stated in her letter.

Plea for justice

There is yet another case of misplaced justice, according to D. Mangeswara Rao, a mandal Congress president of Gowridevpet of Bhadrachalam in Khammam district.

Citing the injustice done to Congress workers in the mandal in his letter, he said SCs, STs and BCs belonging to his area had submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister during his `Rajiv palle baata' tour recently. The list was handed over by Congress leaders.

When it came to implementation, the list provided by the CPI (M) was honoured, he said depriving the party loyalists the benefit.

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