A sign in red for raging bulls on the road

Don't ride on the

fast track

Either you last by being last in the traffic lane or get lost by being first in the funeral procession. Your zeal when you are behind a wheel should be to reach your earthly destination in time not arrival in heavenly paradise before time. In heaven, an angel is nobody in particular said George Bernard Shaw. Do not then be too eager to join the celestial breed in a hurry. Wrong side of the road may be invitingly wide, but will inevitably result in suicide!

R. Ramachandra Rao


Last call?

Respect zebra crossings or else even their cousins -- donkeys -- will not pardon you. Violating your lane confirms you are insane. For safety use helmet or else safely meet hell. While driving, don't make a call: it may be your last call.

P.V. Prasada Rao


Signs of the times

Speed first, death next. Would you like your kids smoking? (pollution check), kids in overloaded autos seldom return home, major accident ahead (go slow), right way to desert your family (wrong way), entry for life insured people (no entry), vehicles for cheaper prices (no parking), free turn to hell (no free turn).

Vijay Kumar G.


Bite the dust

When the signal is red, don't ever go ahead or you will lie dead, if not, in a hospital bed!

Into an accident you get, it will be too late to regret that you forgot your helmet!

Overtake, do it, if you must, madly done for speed lust, sadly ends your life in dust.

Valli S.



"Only Bulls run on RED," can be painted above the stop line at a signalised intersection.



Easy road to hell

Why do you beat the signal red, want to land in a hospital bed? Left and right over-taker, think you are smart? Swift and sure, undertaker will come with his cart!

Drivers without the helmet many; they will meet many of their ilk in hell!!

Take it easy, ride without a helmet, like to be lazy, it will take you to hell, I bet!

<74,150,200,500>P.N. Subramanian



Road rules

Saving five minutes is not worth dying for, orderly driving can save time. Watch for children, don't kill the future of the country. Use mass transit, help ease congestion.

Mohan Karnam


Ticket to Yamalok

If you jump the red signal, your days are numbered. A helmet-less drive a day keeps you away from today. Your kids love you, be sure you reach home safe. Higher your speed, higher the chances of having a free ticket to Yamalok.



Don that crown

Driving on the wrong side is nothing but driving on the red carpet to Yamapuri

Red indicates blood, do not jump the red signal to shed blood

Red signal is the red carpet welcome to hell, wait for green signal to make your life heaven.

Helmet is nothing but a life-saving crown that guaranties power. helmet guarantees life follow traffic rules avoid risk in the lives.

Kusuma Dayakar


`Yama'ha re

Going high speed on Yamaha? Get an invitation from Yama. Don't stop at the red, sure, you will lie on the deathbed. At the speed breaker, forgot to apply the brake? Your backbone will break. Drunken and dozing dear? Hell is very near. No entry as a sentry saves the country.

P. Sai Deepak


Route to jams

Avoid your head from becoming an omelette. Hit the road after wearing a helmet.

When we overlook traffic norms, we end up in traffic-jams.

Sarvan Kumar Tiwari


For a safe ride

Don't jump the signal and make your mate single. Do not drive after imbibing spirits, lest you may become one.

Do not overtake to avoid hospital take over. Wear helmet and avoid meeting with Yama at hell, Donkeys do not follow traffic rules!

A.R.R. Datta


See red

Wear and drive with your "Shatagopuram" (helmet) and earn the Lord's blessings.

The third genders drive on the wrong side, Dracula loves Red.

Don't jump the red line.

J. Akshay Akshobhya


Exchange of words

If you think this: "I will zip through even in the thickest of traffic having no room, like John in the film Dhoom."

The reply from the traffic policeman is: "Please think once of your parents before you meet your doom!"

P. Manoj

The last act

Jumping the red light may be your last act.

0Driving on the wrong side of the road for a short cut may turn out to be the shortest way to heaven.

P.N. Nair


It's a `car'toon

Scoo `terrorists,' old and new `car-wars,' autos put people inside outside `on toes' brakeless and brainless, `lorry hardies' licensed to kill at their will, `road transport corporation wheels,' pedestrians - victims of these bullish dozers.

Rama Rao Vemulakonda


Apt slogans

Helmet-less drivers: Wear helmet to keep hell mates away.

Driving on the wrong side: Keep to your left or you will be left forever.

Jumping signals:

Hop in the red, skip the yellow, jump to death.

Ranjan Ramesh


In the right light

Wear helmet otherwise your head will become an omelette. Red says take care of your heart, yellow says check your side fellow, green says drive in your own zone.

K. Sai Prathyusha


Giant leap

A small jump over the red signal, a giant leap to the birthplace of Lord Krishna. No quarter to helmet, no qualms to hell.

For those driving on the wrong side of the road: Left to pals, right to fools.

Geeta Vani



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