A routine love story

Devadasu (Telugu)

Cast: Ram, Ileana, Shriya, Sayaji Shinde

Director: Y.V.S. Choudary

Producer and director Y.V.S. Choudary who dished out several hits is introducing a new pair in this film.

Devadas (Ram) is an orphan and stays in a slum area, while Bhanu (Iliana) is the daughter of Katamraju Lakshminarayana (Sayaji Shinde) who is a senator in New York.

His mother Chandralekha (Ramaprabha) wants her granddaughter to marry an Indian. Bhanu flies down to India along with Chandralekha to learn music.

During a visit to a temple, Deva happens to see her and it is love at first sight. Katamraju who comes to know about it, takes his daughter back to New York. However, Deva challenges Katamraju and plans to make it big in the US and marry Bhanu. The remaining part of the film dwells with the problems Deva faced and how he succeeds in winning back Bhanu.

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