Zoo rolls up sleeves for summer

Arrangements being made for animals at the Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad as the temperature rises steadily. —   | Photo Credit: PHOTO: NAGARA GOPAL

Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: As the mercury soars, it is time for animals to retreat into the shade and birds, their chirping a tad muted, ensconce themselves into shady areas of the cages. And to ensure them some comfortable time and respite from the summer heat, the Nehru Zoological Park has begun putting in place several measures.

The ‘summer package' for the animals, birds and reptiles at the zoo includes air-coolers and foggers apart from sprinklers and regular topping up of moats that are spread over the vast stretches of land.

The aviary gets special attention and the birds are given cooler environs with use of ‘thunga'.

Regular watering

“We have ‘thunga' spread over the bird cages and the same is watered regularly to keep the temperature down for them,” says the zoo education officer, K.Varaprasad. In places where monkeys are kept, sprinklers have been installed and they are also getting special feed. “Watermelons are provided to them and also for the elephants. Apart from this, the simians are given coconut water and liquids that will help them prevent falling prey to dehydration,” he informs. The gates of the resting enclosures are kept open for the big cats during the day time also offering them the facility of retiring for an afternoon siesta.

Water points

“The night enclosures are usually more comfortable and cooler which help them escape the afternoon heat,” Mr.Varaprasad says.

Almost all the large carnivore enclosures have been fitted with air-coolers. Bleaching solution is added to the water moat as a means of disinfectant and to keep the possibilities of infections at bay.

For the deer, wild boar and tortoise, the zoo has come out with wallowing points, water and muddy points, in which they roll around to escape the effects of rising temperature.

In the reptile house, foggers are at work throwing water regularly in a pattern and creating a misty effect to bring down the heat conditions that have just begun are set to rise as the season progresses.