Youth Congress searches for ‘new talent’

Special Correspondent

HYDERABAD: The Indian Youth Congress has decided to undertake major internal reforms to avoid complaints of nepotism and favouritism in the appointment of committees and ensure ‘democratic’ functioning of the youth wing.

The IYC on Saturday conducted a ‘talent search’ seeking participation of youth interested in joining the Congress. The search was conducted under the supervision of senior Congress leader Jagdish Tytler and it involved questionnaire comprising a range of queries on perceptions of the youth.

IYC president Ashok Tanwar said talent search was completed in 18 States and this would be followed by internal elections for selecting Youth Congress office-bearers from block level to the national level.

Speaking to reporters, he said the exercise was aimed at ensuring that “everyone’s voice would be heard”. The leadership would not entertain recommendations from any quarter in appointing office bearers.

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