Welfare schemes helped positive people: MP


VIZIANAGARAM: AIDS patients have gained confidence and are participating in social activities mainly due to the continuous awareness programmes and welfare schemes launched for them, Botcha Jhansi Lakshmi, Lok Sabha member, has said at a meeting a organised by Vijaya Network of Positive People Society on Tuesday.

Congratulating members of VNP for their services to AIDS patients, Mrs. Jhansi Lakshmi said it was unfortunate that 50 lakh positive cases were identified so far after the first case was reported in 1984. The government had begun educating people on the syndrome and measures to be taken to control it from 2001 onwards. But, due to illiteracy, ignorance and economic backwardness the inflicted patients kept it secret.

Now with the sanctioning of loans and monetary assistance being offered to societies by the government the patients were coming out boldly and even taking up social activities, she said.

Collector G. Ram Narayana Reddy, while assuring patients of all help, thanked the Vijaya Network People for contributing Rs. 20,000 towards flood victims.

Ch. Mahesh, DM & HO said VNP had conducted tests on 50,000 pregnant women and added that transmission of the syndrome from mother to child could be controlled. VNP president G. K. Chowdhury said AIDS patients were running the society.