Welcome to the wedding party

A scene from the film ‘Varudu'  

Movie: Varudu.

Cast: Bhanusree Mehra, Allu Arjun, Arya.

Direction: Gunasekhar.

The villain (Arya, an established hero in Tamil films) kidnaps the heroine (Bhanusri Mehra, a debutant from Amritsar) and the hero (Allu Arjun) gets her back. The why and how is what this film is all about.

The first half is an absolute, class, family entertainer, while the second half takes the shape of a mass, commercial flick.

A harmonious blend of good takes for which director Gunasekhar is known, excellent cinematography by R.D. Rajasekhar (Ghajini fame), Azhagar Swamy's visual effects and Ashok's art work, not to forget music by Mani Sarma are what carry the film.

Of course, there is an overdose of violence in the second half but the director would say the story demands it. An extended climax fight where the hero shows off his six pack, good expressions from the heroine, a long-lasting lip-lock between the hero and heroine and good performances from the hero and the villain will go down well with the audiences.

Arjun does a creditable performance with his dances and the acrobatic fights.

Among the highlights are an extended true Telugu traditional wedding that takes up 40 minutes of screen time. A 20-minute long suspense about the identity of the villain also adds value to the plot.

This big budget film cost about Rs. 30 crore to make and a good blend of visual effects and real shooting make ‘Varudu' an eye-pleasing delight.

The background too is quite good, while the songs, especially the 18-minute wedding song depicting Telugu culture and tradition will go down well with music-lovers.

Suresh Krishnamoorthy