Video blogs come in handy for discussions

Abhijit Dev Kumar

29 video blogs on recent developments in the city are posted on ‘YouTube’

These kind of sites encourage youth to take a stand

Sites like ’YouTube’ connect Indians staying abroad

Hyderabad: There was a trend where everyone held out placards and stood on the street shouting slogans just to get their point across to the other side. No doubt that it still happens, but a breed called ‘online junkies’ do the same in the virtual world by uploading video clips.

Seamless world

“Any one can do anything and get away with it on the net. I see it as a seamless world with no code of conduct. Something like a game without rules. The issues that come up for discussions are sometimes really touchy and tend to go violent at times,” says Suhas Vedula, a blogger.

As many as 29 video blogs on recent developments in Hyderabad, including the twin blasts and the Mecca Masjid, were posted on ‘YouTube’ by Hyderabadi netizens. “Every human being with a good will should unite against group or individual who enjoys killing others,” a comment that was posted by Luharani, a user on, after watching a video of the Hyderabad twin blasts.

Another video blog that sparked off a serious debate on the net was ‘Hyderabad bomb blasts: what does it tell us about Islam’. The ten-minute video got over 2,300 views and 186 comments from users till date.

Video clips of all events that upset harmony of Hyderabad are there for to see at the click of a button. Indians staying abroad are connected to such events through sites like YouTube and Metacafe.

Though such sites have been labelled as entertainment specific, they do not remain so.

The behavioural patterns of the average web users, especially youth, around the country seem to have imbibed the concept of taking a serious stand on an issue with a ‘no-matter-what’ attitude.

All thanks to the virtual world.

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