Use specific blood components to treat patients: expert

Special Correspondent

GUNTUR: Clinicians must take a definite step towards using specific blood components while treating patients for any particular condition, opined NTR Blood Bank Medical Officer V. Saraswathi here on Wednesday.

Delivering a lecture on Single Donor Pheresis and Clinical Usages of Blood Components at Government General Hospital in Guntur during a workshop organised by Department of Pathology in association with APSACS, she said that in Andhra Pradesh blood components were being used from 1987 and their availability had increase enormously at all blood banks across the State, which should inspire the treating doctors/surgeons to order for specific components.

During moments of crisis it had become a practice to order for `Fresh Blood', which was a misconception, she observed and felt `the First In, First Out' policy should be adopted in the blood banks to ensure proper screening of the blood so that safer components were transfused. "There are not enough number of white cells to stop infection or sufficient number of Red cell in one unit to stop bleeding, which could be resolved through proper planning of transfusing components," she said explaining entire process of blood components making and utilisation through a power-point presentation.

Welcoming the Pathology Department Head I.V. Renuka for organising a workshop that was essential for all treating doctors, she said entire blood collected should be fractioned and a proper planning of component need should be done collectively in the hospitals.

A committee should monitor the entire process of donation and utilisation to understand the quality of transfusion at the blood bank/hospital level.

The GGH Blood Bank In-Charge I. Anasuyamma said that the Guntur GHH bank was fully equipped with the components making unit.

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