Two persons killed in gang rivalry


MAHABUBNAGAR: Two close relatives G. Srinivas Reddy, 48, and G. Rajender Reddy, 17, were brutally killed by a rival gang in Yella Reddy Palle of Koilkonda mandal on Monday morning.

According to the police, a gang of ten people, suspected to be followers of Maddoor ZPTC member Balsingh Naik, barged into the house of Rajender Reddy and killed both of them by cutting their throats with swords and immediately fled from the scene.

The police said Balsingh Naik was the main accused in the murder of Sudhakar Reddy, father of deceased Rajender Reddy, that took place in 1996.

Old rivalry is said to be the reason for these killings.

The police took Balsingh Naik's wife into custody.

Mahabubnagar DSP Madhav Reddy, K. Srinivas Reddy, SP, visited the spot.

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