Truce between councillors, Commissioner in Bhimili

Staff Reporter

VISAKHAPATNAM: Drawing curtains on a knotty issue, councillors of Bhimunipatnam Municipality and Commissioner P. Purushottama Rao, who were at loggerheads, worked out a truce. This saved the Commissioner the embarrassing task of keeping his threat of ‘boycotting’ the council meeting.

At a review meeting organised by Bhimili MLA M. Srinivasa Rao on June 19 ,three councillors charged the Commissioner with not taking up any development works and strongly worded their dissent. They also accused the Commissioner of not being in a position to spend the money allotted to the civic body.

Rebutting their stand, Mr. Purushottama Rao contended that he took up a number of works after assuming charge in 2006. Not all the funds sanctioned had been released, he maintained. Whatever releases had been made were spent. Peeved at the strident stand taken by the councillors, he announced that he and his staff would ‘boycott’ the next council meeting.

On Monday, the councillors had a meeting with the Commissioner at the initiative of in-charge Municipal Chairperson A. Nirmala. Mr. Purushottama Rao said the three councillors regretted their remarks and the council meeting would be held on June 27.