Tribal habitats vote sans headman’s diktat

Rajulapudi Srinivas

Nearly 200 names missing in booth

no. 135: CPI(M)

65 per cent polling recorded on an average

NELLORE: The custom of ‘durai’ (passing order by the community head to vote for a particular party) who used to be seen earlier is not there in the villages in Nellore district during these elections. The awareness levels of the electorate even in hamlets has increased drastically that the custom has become obsolete now.

In most tribal, fishermen villages, the community heads will pass an order, which has to be obeyed, to the locals to vote for a particular party. It is reported that tribal and fishermen communities polled their votes as per their individual choice on Thursday.

The CPI(M) party agents in polling station no.135 in Ramalingapuram in Nellore city alleged that the names of nearly 200 voters were missing from the voters list. “The polling staff said that the names of some voters were listed in booth no.187, but the voters were depressed when they found their names did not figure there either,” said an agent.

In several villages voters carrying their photo IDs, ration cards and the slips issued by the political party activists, were seen making rounds to nearby polling stations for voting.

By 3 p.m. an average of 51.8 per cent of polling was recorded in ten Assembly and one Parliamentary constituency in the district.

The district recorded about 10 per cent of voting by 9 am, 25 per cent by 11 a.m. and 43 per cent of polling was recorded by 1 a.m. in the district.Polling continued in many booths well after 5 p.m

In Kavali, Atmakur, Kovur, Nellore city, Survepalli, Gudur, Sulluripet and and Sarvepalli 65 per cent polling was reported.

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