Treat with pasta

Chef Sandy displaying the pasta dishes.

Chef Sandy displaying the pasta dishes.   | Photo Credit: — Photo: C.V. Subrahmanyam

Staff Reporter

VISAKHAPATNAM: Want to have a fusion treat of pasta with chicken butter masala or with Kerala style fish curry? Sounds crazy right? At The Park hotel, a team of chefs led by Chef Sandy have decided to get a bit adventurous and brought in an interesting blend of Indian classical flavours to the international favourite, pasta at Vista, the tropical trendy restaurant of the hotel.

The two-week long festival called ‘Pasta Gone Mad’ is true to its name. “It is something quite new that’s sure to tickle the taste buds,” assures Chef Sandy.

While every dish has a touch of the Indian regional classics, most of the ingredients for the main course has been imported, says the chef.

Fusilli tossed with Kerala style ‘Meen Moilee’ (fish) or Conchiglie with fiery Chettinadu mutton pepper fry or Farfalle with Thai Green curry, an oriental sweet and spicy classic – each dish is packed with surprises.

And the adventure doesn’t stop here. The desserts, too, are a grand feast.

The ‘loco over coco,’ as the name implies, is nuts about coconuts. Mithai mania is another option in desserts which is sure to be a total delight.

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