Tiny tots turn storytellers

Enterprising lot:Sravya Khendry narrating a story at Disney Story narration contest at Landmark on Wednesday.   | Photo Credit: — Photo: Mohd. Yousuf

Staff Reporter

Landmark organises Disney Story Narration contest

HYDERABAD: Stories, toys and cartoons tend to fill a lot of time for children during summer vacations. On Wednesday a few of them got down to share some of their favourite stories, which they read during the vacations, at the Disney Story Narration contest, held at Landmark, Banjara Hills.


Some chose the tried and tested stories like ‘Cinderalla' and ‘Tortoise and Hare' while others improved and narrated stories relating to the upcoming cartoon movie Toy Story 3. A few enterprising ones also brought toys of their favourite action heroes and cartoon characters and used them as props to spin a good yarn.

“I love the characters of Woody and Buzz Lightyear in the film Toy Story. So I thought I would improvise and make up a story about them,” said V.S. S. Subhash. Much to the amusement of everybody present at the event, some children had just one line stories. “My favourite toy is a toy house and I enjoy playing with it everyday,” said J. S. Pritham and left the stage, even as everybody were hoping he would continue the narration.

In the end, Sravya won the contest for coming up with a tale titled ‘Toy Story-Past, Present and Future'. Another girl Simi picked up the runners-up prize for narrating a morale story. The Disney story narration contest was organised around the upcoming cartoon movie Toy Story 3, which will be released on June 25.