Time to defeat ‘might is right’ paradigm

On a mission: Nizar Juma and Marc Fourcade during a chat.

On a mission: Nizar Juma and Marc Fourcade during a chat.  

Values, spirituality are key for better utilisation of power, Nizar N. Juma and Marc Fourcade tell R. Ravikanth Reddy

Power is not just political or administrative and it means many things to many people. It is all pervasive but it’s not utilised in the right perspective anywhere. More so at a time when dramatic shifts of power are underway in the world, says Mr. Juma, a Nairobi based businessman and the key person who initiated this important dialogue that will see the top names of the country from all the fields sharing their views at the first meeting in Hyderabad.

Mr. Juma feels there is a need to search the missing values in utilisation of power. It was the best way to defeat the old paradigm that might is right. There is an urgent need for emergence of responsible leadership to steer the people through turbulent times and achieve a stable vision. For this it is necessary to discuss what power is and what its future is. Mr. Juma believes that there is a major shift in power in the world and it will come back to the place where it was evolved – India. And that is why India has been chosen as the place to start this dialogue.

“I believe India is the birth place of freedom. It is the land of non-violence, land of Mahatma Gandhi and where there is a deepest belief in religion and spirituality. Values were greatest here than anywhere in the world,” he says. “And it is from here the message should go to the world.”

The idea struck him seeing the erosion of values and he feels reviving these values and principles is essential for future generations. The idea of a few people meeting and discussing may not look grandiose but listening to views of powerful people and sharing their thoughts among them will change their perspective, feels Marc Fourcade, a French national working in India for 20 years. Fourcade specialises in emotional intelligence. Both of them argue that such dialogues will initiate the much needed change.

On the future of these power dialogues, Mr. Juma says international leaders will also be involved with Indian leaders to develop collective strategies in modelling responsible leadership now and for future. Mr. Juma, who is greatly influenced by Brahma Kumari’s method of spirituality and raj yoga meditation, also regrets that not having values has become fashionable and this effort is also to reverse it and make use of powerful leaders as an instrument of change.

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