Three of a family buried alive in gas leak explosion

Staff Reporter

ANANTAPUR: Three persons, including two women and a child, were killed and one injured when the house in which they were sleeping collapsed following an explosion caused due to the leakage of cooking gas in the early hours here on Monday. They died on the spot as they were caught under the debris after the explosion.

According to a survivor, Gurrappa’s account given to the police, he, his wife Nagaratnamma (21) and son Rohit (1) went to sleep in the house belonging to his in-laws on Sunday night due to power failure in their rented portion. They were living in a nearby house in Managalivari Colony here.

As it was cold in the night, his mother-in-law Nagamma (45) closed all the windows of her house. While Nagamma, her daughter and granddaughter slept in one room, Gurrappa was sleeping in another room. Only small bulbs were on in the night and around 3.30 a.m. there was an explosion and the two rooms in which they were sleeping were reduced to rubble in no time. Though Gurrappa sustained serious burns on his body he was not caught under the debris after the explosion, but his kin were not so fortunate and died under the debris.

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