Take stringent action against EPC contractor: TDP

Staff Reporter

‘Quality control agency, not conducted any core tests, certified work’

Grade and strength of concrete far less than the specified, report

NELLORE: The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) has demanded that the Government take stringent action against the Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor, who has taken up works pertaining to packages 9 and 10 of the Telugu Ganga project components in Nellore district, based on findings of the Vigilance and Enforcement (V&E) department.


With the V&E report finding that the release of machinery advance for the pre owned old equipment, which were purchased and possessed before the agreement in case of package 9 against rules, the machinery advance should be recovered in one lump sum.

“Similarly in case of package 10 part of the equipment for which advance was drawn were moved out of the site without the department permission indicating misappropriation of advance. Hence the advance should also be recovered in one lump sum,” TDP senior leader Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy told reporters on Monday.


The TDP leader wondered as to why the Government was dilly-dallying to punish the guilty especially after the V&E department recommending action against six engineering officials besides action against the EPC contractor.

“Most importantly, the report found that about 1.375 km length of lining which comprises bed and slopes separately in case of package nine and about 712 m length in case of package of 10 slopes wherein the grade and strength of concrete was far less than the specified. Hence it should be rejected and re-laid.”

Mr. Reddy said that the V&E had categorically stated that the allegation of reducing lining thickness was substantiated in case of package nine.

The third party quality control agency, which has not conducted any core tests, certified the work. Hence action against the QC should be initiated as suggested by the report, he said.

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