Take action if there are lapses in Heritage: Naidu

‘They are in power and they can take steps in accordance with law’

Don’t use Heritage issue as cover to Maytas lapses, says CPI

HYDERABAD: Telugu Desam Party president N. Chandrababu Naidu on Sunday dared the Government to inquire into alleged irregularities in the Heritage Foods, owned by his family.

“Unable to answer queries being raised over the favours given to Maytas Infra, the Government is trying to divert the attention of the people by its claims on so-called irregularities in Heritage,” he said while addressing members of Agarwal community who joined the party on Sunday.

Mr. Naidu wondered why the Government was hesitating to inquire and take action in accordance with the law of the land if there were any irregularities. “They are in power and they can take steps in accordance with law”, he averred.

YSR criticised

The TDP president launched a scathing attack on Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy who, he said, was “after easy money”.

“People who fell in the trap of the Chief Minister are inviting troubles for themselves,” he said in an oblique reference to the Satyam affairs.

CPI reacts

Meanwhile, the Communist party of India State council asked the Government to make public the affairs of Heritage Foods if it is confident that the firm has indulged in “irregularities.”

The CPI, however, wanted the Government not to use Heritage issue as a “cover” to mislead the people from the favours it granted to Maytas Infra, promoted by Satyam former chairman B. Ramalinga Raju.

Ready for debate

“The administrative machinery is in your (Congress) hands to bring out lapses, if any. We are prepared for debate on all the incidents of corruption,” CPI floor leader in Assembly Chada Venkat Reddy said at a press conference.

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