TDP stalwarts of Kurnool patch up

Special Correspondent

TDP district president Byreddy Rajasekhar Reddy stays away

Sobha, Bhuma Nagireddy, B.V. Mohan Reddy also attend the function

KURNOOL: In a significant development the two major groups of the Telugu Desam Party in Kurnool district headed by K.E. Krishna Murthy and S.V. Subba Reddy have come closer.

Mr. Subba Reddy, Sobha Nagireddy, Bhuma Nagireddy, B.V. Mohan Reddy and several leaders attended a private function at Kambhalapadu, native place of KE family near Dhone on Monday. However TDP district president Byreddy Rajasekhar Reddy was conspicuous by his absence indicating his isolation.

Mr. Subba Reddy and K.E. Krishna Murthy publicly declared their reunion at the meeting. Mr. Reddy said he had close relations with K.E. family since the days of their father K.E. Madanna. And together they were in the forefront in opposing Kotla Vijayabhaskar Reddy politically.

He said the TDP fared well in the 1999 elections because of unity among TD leaders. But the differences in the 2004 elections had cost them dearly. He underscored the need for unity among the leaders in the larger interests of the party as well as individual leaders.

Mr. Krishna Murthy drew the attention of party leaders to the repression unleashed by the Congress Government on the TDP cadre. He said his family and that of Mr. Subba Reddy had never had any major differences.

Certain vested interests played them up.

TDP general secretary Sobha Nagireddy, party leaders B.V. Mohan Reddy Nagi Reddy Katasani Rami Reddy, Budda Rajasekhar Reddy, A.V. Subba Reddy, N.Md. Farooq and others were present.

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