TDP seeks probe into road project

HYDERABAD: The Telugu Desam Party has demanded an inquiry into the alleged ‘misuse’ of Rs. 81 crore in connection with the revised sanction for providing a four-lane road from Venkatachalam to Krishnapatnam Port on the National Highway 5.

At a press conference here, TDP leader M.V. Mysoora Reddy questioned the need for expanding the road connectivity project from two to four lanes when the previous concession agreement was only for two lanes. Dr. Reddy sought to know why more land was being acquired.

The MP said the initial proposal envisaged Rs. 29 crore and the government accorded revised administrative sanction for Rs. 102 crore for providing four-lane road to the port. As a result the project cost went up to Rs. 120 crore.

He alleged that the government was trying to benefit the contractor of the project and promoter of the port, saying that he was placing details of irregularities before the “people’s court” for giving verdict.

Asked to comment on former Minister E. Peddi Reddy’s demand that persons from the region only be members of the party’s core committee on Telangana, he quipped, “When three brothers want to separate they have to discuss.”

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