TDP leader's body not yet traced

The two persons seen last with Manohar admit to have killed him

With three-day search failing to trace the body of Telugu Desam leader P. Manohar Rao, investigation into the sensational case reached an impasse even as two of his supporters detained by Hyderaabd police reportedly admitted to killing him.

The Amberpet police of Hyderabad originally registered a case of missing person on Monday following a complaint from Rao's wife Ajitha.

They found that Rao, along with some of his associates, had disappeared after meeting a constable of Nalgonda district police at Chaitanyapuri to collect summons to appear in a court in a criminal case.

Two associates detained

They detained two of Rao's supporters who were last seen with him at Chaitanyapuri. The duo reportedly admitted to have murdered him with the help of another acquaintance and dumped his body in the Musi near Kothapet.

What was believed to be an open and shut case turned into a mysterious one as police failed to trace the victim's body though the suspects led them to the crime scene.

Transfer of case

Meanwhile, the Hyderabad police transferred the case to their counterparts in Cyberabad stating that Rao was missing from Chaitanyapuri coming under latter's jurisdiction. Interestingly, L.B. Nagar DCP Nagendra Babu said on Thursday that the case was “not yet officially transferred” though they too were pursuing the leads.

“When the body of the murder victim is not found, how can the case be transferred to Chaitanyapuri relying on the statements of two suspects,” Mr. Babu said. Rao's case of disappearance, believed to be a consequence of rivalry between the TDP and ruling Congress in Nalgonda, attracts the jurisprudence principle of corpus delicti.

The principle said it must be proved that a crime was committed to punish a person for it. In this case, investigators were at crossroads as they could not find the body though the suspects confessed to his murder.

  • Rao, along with his associates, had disappeared after meeting a constable of Nalgonda at Chaitanyapuri
  • His disappearance is believed to be the consequence of rivalry between TDP and Congress in Nalgonda

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