TDP leader seeks impartial probe

Special Correspondent

Murder of Venkatappa Naidu

KURNOOL: TDP polit bureau member K.E. Krishna Murthy has urged the police to act impartially and investigate the murder of P. Venkatappa Naidu in the wake of unprecedented public focus on the mass killings. Talking to reporters here on Wednesday, he said the Police Department would get a bad image if the culprits were given a free hand.

Mr. Krishna Murthy faulted the police for the way they casually treated the surrender of the accused. He said the accused reached the office of the Superintendent of Police in a convoy of three vehicles. In a casual manner, the most wanted accused was asked to approach the Deputy SP.

Mr. Krishna Murthy said they were in possession of the cassette of the dying declaration of Ramudu, security guard of Venkatappa Naidu. The TDP leader said the police should take seriously at least the murder of their own colleague.

Also, one of the victims Veera Swamy survived to give the full account of the incident. However, Mr. Krishna Murthy feared the safety of the lone surviving victim.

The TDP leader denied the charge levelled against him by prime accused Madduleti Naidu that he (Krishna Murthy) was behind the killing of his father Ranganna ten years ago. He said the accused was making conflicting statements saying earlier he had accused Venkatappa Naidu of killing his father and now he targeted him. Mr. Krishna Murthy alleged that the police had destroyed the evidence of explosion of bombs in a haystack heap at Laddagiri to shield the culprits. He said the persons involved in the crime had taken shelter at Laddagiri.

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