TDP cadre happy over decision on Telangana

Staff Reporter

But fear having to make way for TRS in the event of tie-up

Only 7 Assembly segments left for general category

TDP may restrict itself to 6 Assembly, one Lok Sabha seat

WARANGAL: The Telugu Desam cadre is upbeat with the party deciding to support separate Telangana, but the leaders appear to be a worried lot now. They apprehend that they might lose their chance in the event of alliance between TDP and Telangana Rashtra Samiti. Many senior leaders fear that they might have to make way for the candidates of TRS party in the next election. The alliance with the TRS would definitely rob them of their chances and would be forced to make sacrifice for nothing in return.

The TDP leaders observed that many Congress leaders had to sacrifice their tickets to the TRS during the last general elections. Out of the 13 Assembly and two Lok Sabha seats, the TRS was given the two Lok Sabha seats and seven Assembly seats by the Congress. Only one sitting legislator, N. Rajalingam, who gave his seat to TRS candidate, was compensated with MLC seat. A majority of the Congress leaders who aspired for ticket were disappointed with the alliance and they did not even get any alternative position after the party came to ruling. The TDP leaders too apprehend such a situation with the possible tie-up with the TRS this time.

And this time, the two Lok Sabha seats - Warangal (SC), and Mahabubabad (ST) – are made reserved constituencies and one Assembly segment has been reduced after the delimitation process. Now only seven Assembly segments are left for the general category leaders in the district and there will be heavy competition for tickets undoubtedly.

The TDP workers are upbeat over the party’s decision to support the formation of the separate State and now they can go to people claim that their party too is supporting separate Statehood during the electioneering. The TRS Member of Parliament B. Vinod Kumar has already held one round of negotiations with the TDLP deputy leader Kadiam Srihari over the seat sharing in the district. It is likely that the TDP will restrict to six Assembly seats and one Lok Sabha seat from the district.

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