Success mantra in e-commerce

Staff Reporter

`Curiosity, creativity, confidence hold the key'

Customisation remains the key factor Technical skills given top priority

VIJAYAWADA: Diane Lye, director of widely known e-commerce website, on Saturday said curiosity, creativity, confidence and tenacity were the primary factors that hold the key to success in the highly dynamic field of e-commerce. She pointed out that those having the curiosity to ask `why questions' would be able to dive deep into a problem and succeed in finding a solution.

Addressing a meeting organised by VR Siddhartha Engineering College Old Students Association, Dr. Lye said providing products to meet the specific needs of people played an important role in e-commerce. She said that customisation remained the key factor and success would come if customers were helped to buy products they preferred rather than what was generally available.

Referring to the importance of social networks, Dr. Lye said helping customers to find the specific products they need would give an advantage to anybody involved in the business.

Dr. Lye asserted that at, they were looking for very high levels of technical skills among prospective employees in the recruitment process. "We are looking for those who can actively address specific needs of people. Analytical skills are also important and one should be able to frame a problem, understand it and provide a structured answer," she added. Dr. Lye pointed out that multiple factors would come into play in e-commerce applications and a successful professional would be able to break a problem into `pieces', diagnose it and arrive at a solution. While technical skills were given top priority, one's ability in problem-solving skills would also count a lot, she said.


Dr. Lye gave equal importance to communication skills saying that the secret of success would be one's ability to present their ideas in a clear, crisp and articulate manner. "It is not necessarily accent or vocabulary. One should be precise, concise and crisp," she said.

Later in an interaction with students and faculty members, Dr. Lye said Indians working in were excellent and a good number of Indians were employed in their offices in the United States. She asserted that an eagerness to find solutions to problems would pave the path for success in e-commerce businesses.